Jay’s Trike

Hercules The Trike

Photographing Jay Kroon’s trike recently outside the Aquarium at Elli Beach in Rhodes Town was less a commission and more a labour of love for all concerned.  

Built in China, assembled in Athens and shipped to Rhodes on a ferry, Hercules is a much-admired character in the Old Town. It’s also the only practical way to negotiate the narrow alleys.

The technique we used  involved blending a bunch of exposures together in Photoshop. It’s a technique most commonly used by vehicle manufacturers to make the cars pop out of the pages of magazines. It’s a pretty simple technique once you get your around it and involves three basic steps.

First  you need to lock the camera to a tripod and then grab the exposures that you need. In this case we used one ambient shot and four flash exposures:

Ambient only looked something like this:

Then we simply walked around Hercules firing the required flash exposures. We fitted coloured gels to two of these exposures.

First flash shot:

Second flash shot:

Flash with green gel:

Flash with red gel:

After blending the five exposures together in Photoshop as separate layers we got this:

And finally after adding a few drops of magic pixie dust in Capture One Pro we end up with the final image. All hail Hercules The Great!

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