Portraits – Eleousa

Mark & Amy Dench have been regular visitors to Rhodes since their wedding at Kalithea Spa in 2014. The idea for this portrait session developed as usual over several glasses of wine in our courtyard with a sketch-pad and a broken pencil.  Josh Dench is probably one of the smartest 10 year olds we’ve ever met. A budding artist and eco activist, Josh is also something of a burger connoisseur and has vowed to boycott McDonalds for life. Top of the class! We all agreed to by-pass the beach and head up into the mountains instead. The cloisters at Eleousa have always been a favoured location due to the diffused light and general air of melancholy. The old building itself was once used to accommodate the nuns and medical staff assisting Dr.Emmanuel Kostaridis with his pioneering research work into TB at the neighbouring sanitorium. Some people find the sanitorium a little unsettling but in our opinion the cloisters remain a magical place.


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